Doing it Live

June 01, 2018



Okay, so let me be honest here for a moment. I’ve wanted to start this blog for more than three years now. I’ve also tried to start this blog, twice now. Once, I actually got a domain and wrote and uploaded one whole article before freaking out and abandoning it.

But, honestly, how many of us see freelance writing and blogging as a dream job? So. Many. The idea of flexible hours, remote working, actually getting paid to just write your thoughts and share your journey with others, is just so exciting and appealing that the idea that I could ACTUALLY do that just felt...daunting.

I mean, I knew it wouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows. I knew it would take hard work. Constantly writing, researching, and cold calling on the side to build it up before actually getting it to the place where I could take the leap and forgo my 9-5 job for the life of a writing Freelancer.

But still, even knowing that this wasn’t a to-good-to-be-true-no-work needed scenario, I couldn’t make myself move past the “I want to do this. I NEED to do this.” phase into the actual...doing...phase.

I’m sure that some of you are reading this and going. OMG. ME. Well, this post. This is FOR you.

Because deciding what market to tackle, or figuring out how to pick your website template, or what you want your blog to be called, are all the decisions that can be crippling. Which, sounds a little silly to say, but it’s true. You can get tripped up on these small details that you’re told are so important to your whole brand, that you just don’t make a decision and don’t make a move.

That’s where I was.

And then...I thought about my brother’s favorite saying, “@#$% it, we’re doing it live.” (If you’ve been hiding under a rock or somehow JUST stumbled on to the internet and don’t know that reference, you can enjoy that here). Basically, I decided that this isn’t going to be perfect. It’s just going to be what it is, and I’ll learn and course correct on the way. And maybe all of you can learn from my mistakes and stumbles so that when you finally have that “we’re doing it live” moment, you have a little more confidence under your belt.

So, strap in. Because I’ve been stumbling through creating this too much, and I’m tired of waiting. And the live version means no editing out of the mistakes and downfalls. It means what you see is what I am.

And what I am is a nerdy millennial just trying to make a goddamn living doing exactly what my parents told me to do “what I love, because then you’ll never work a day in your life.”

We’ll see, Mom. We’ll see.