Do Not Go It Alone

June 29, 2018



Okay, so this is both a blessing and curse. I’m sure that there are many of you out there who partly are drawn to the aspect of Freelance because it warms your introverted heart to be able to spend your days alone with just your thoughts, your words, and your laptop (and maybe a furry companion or two). But let me be clear about this, you need other people.

No, I’m not about to start lecturing you on human connection or anything like that, but this journey is going to be a million times harder without joining groups. These groups are a godsend. There are groups that post job listings. Groups where you can ask questions or for writing feedback. Groups where you can post your own services and those looking for writers and editors can scroll through.

Yes, you can totally do this on your own and forego my advice, but where else are you going to figure out exactly what you can charge for your rates without skimping yourself or scaring away the potential client? Where else are you going to have jobs vetted for you so that you can expect fair pay and no scams? Where else are you going to find people that can talk to you about the real things, like taxes and cold calling etiquette?

You can go through the trouble and research on your own, or you can reach out and have someone who has gone through the exact pains you’re going through help you.

Watch out for scammy groups. Here are some things to look for with Facebook groups:

  • Is it a closed group? You have to actually go through a vetting process when joining a closed group so scammers are more likely to steer clear of even applying.
  • Are there clear rules defined that you agree with? I always appreciate groups that say no negativity. You know that people can be kicked out for being a jerk to you, and you can feel free to post any question you have without fearing ridicule.
  • Do they ask you questions about your legitimacy when you apply to join? You only want a group that has serious people, so if their questions can weed out the wishy-washy, then it’s probably a great space. Bonus points for those places that ask for a link to your blog.

Here are some of the groups that I have found helpful for myself:

This is not by any means a be-all-end-all list. As you can see a lot of the above groups are for female writers because I love being inspired by other women. I just feel a real sense of connection working with like minded women. But there are all kinds of groups out there. Find some general ones as well as ones that might be more niche to your kind of writing or your personality.

All in all, do not fear groups. They are not like group projects in high school that are, quite frankly, a living nightmare for someone who just wants to not talk to anyone and get marked by their own merit.