There's A Difference Between Good And Tasty Food

June 25, 2018



I am a bit of a snob when it comes to certain foods. Cake, chocolate, grilled cheese, and mac and cheese are just a few of the things that I'm a snob about. Food needs to have the right texture. It needs to have balance of flavors. It needs to be seasoned properly. (I would love to rant right now about how much people under-season their food, but I'll leave that for another post another day).

Of course this means that there are a lot of restaurants that people will recommend to me and I eat there and wish I hadn't of wasted the money on under-seasoned, overcooked, and tasteless food. Often times I find myself in the "I could have made this better myself at home for half the price" situation, which is discouraging. It's actually interesting that the more you learn about food and the better your pallet gets, the less often you want to eat out at random restaurants.

Chain restaurants are the worst of them. I can't remember the last chain restaurant that I went to where I was actually satisfied with what I ate. The food is usually mediocre but they charge you a sizable amount for it. Many of their appetizers are just frozen foods that they heat up on the order. Who wants that?

Now, after all of this snobbery (which I like to think is actually just a refined pallet), I want to say this: I like grilled cheese made with Kraft singles. It's tasty! Yes, it has kind of a plasticy taste to it, but it's nostalgic and I like it. I also sometimes like boxed mac and cheese. And I'll be damned before I ever pass up on boxed brownie. Those things are the bomb.

Because here is the thing: there is a difference between GOOD food and TASTY food. Good food is @#$%ing delicious and I will never stop trying to get the people in my life to up their level of what they consider to be good food. But processed and cheap food can still be tasty.

I don't think anyone in their right minds thinks of McDonalds as high quality, good food. But it's yummy. And I crave Big Macs like nobody's business.

Absolutely nothing compares to a wood fire pizza with an aged dough, handcrafted tomato sauce with fresh spices and herbs, and the freshest and highest quality toppings. But have you had the new handcrafted pan pizza from Domino's? It's damn delicious and I will absolutely order that in and enjoy every bite when I'm watching Netflix on a Friday.

So while you might find me complaining after a meal out that the sauce was lacking in acidity or that the meat was overcooked, you'll also see me buying McCain's deep and delicious cake because it's the bomb. Personally, I think it's important to know the difference between good and tasty because I think that we all deserve so much better than over cooked and under seasoned food, but that's just the food snob in me.