6 Seemingly Odd Shows On Netflix That Are Surprisingly Awesome

August 14, 2018



My Netflix history is littered with abandoned TV shows. I am actually bad for it. I'll start a show and binge watch it. It's on my mind during the day. I can't wait for the next chance that I get to sit down and watch characters grow and events unfold. I'm pondering the outcome of the last big "reveal" or scheming up what I think the protagonist should do next. Then, one day, I just don't. Jesse and I might put it on while we're eating dinner just because, but then, we stop even that.

There are really good shows with top notch acting and incredible writing and vivid character that sit in the graveyard of my Netflix history. I've already come to terms with the fact that I won't finish those shows. They just eventually stop holding my interest.

While some of them started out as great shows, they eventually got...routine. And routine is not what I'm into when it comes to shows to watch. If I want routine, I'll watch The Office or Seinfeld for the millionth time.

I'm the kind of person that will give most TV shows a try, but if I cannot connect with the characters after one or two episodes, I'm out. Done. That's it. I've moved on. Characters make or break a show for me, and these are the top things that I base a good TV show on: are the characters complex, can I connect with them, are they believable, do they grow? If yes, then I'm more than willing to give the show a chance.

These shows that I'm about to list here caught me off guard. To be honest, all of them, other than Schitt's Creek, were shows that Jesse chose. I would never have clicked on them. In fact, a couple of them I protested us even watching, because I was skeptical. Especially Son of Zorn. I hated the first episode and I thought the premise was really stupid.

So, scan the list, hear me out, and, honestly, give these shows a try.

Schitt's Creek

I'm starting with my favorite one on this list. My sister-in-law actually suggested this TV show to us, and usually we have vastly differing tastes when it comes to TV shows and movies. This show is a comedy about a rich family that loses all of their money and has to live in a tiny, hick town. The first episode that I watched of this was too much for me. The characters seemed too far fetched and out of touch. The humor seemed a little too...out there for me.

Then I watched the second episode. Suddenly, I was seeing something in these characters. Alexis was more than just a shallow and dimwitted girl. Her odd hand gestures and facial expressions became, endearing. The mom's strange accent went from annoying to hysterical. As the episodes pass by you cannot help but love these characters. They grow. They change. And even in their shallow ways, they're deep and complex.

If you enjoy comedies, give this a try. But, trust me, you're going to want to give it more than just one episode.

Final Space

This show was one that I originally said no to. But Jesse is incredibly picky when it comes to things that he'll watch on Netflix and since he had chosen it, and my food was getting cold (because obviously you have to wait until your show it on to start eating, amiright?), I said "fine". The show looked stupid and juvenile and the character was too foolish for me to ever connect with...or, so I thought. I can honestly say that I only partially payed attention to the first episode because I figured I would give it the ol' college try and then tell Jesse I wasn't into it.

I don't remember exactly why we ended up putting on the second episode anyway, but the beginning of it intrigued me. First of all, the music. WOW. The soundtrack to this whole TV show is incredible. And in the first minute of that second episode, I suddenly saw a spark of something that I wanted to see more of.

By the time I was a few episodes deep, I was connected to the characters, involved in the story, and was thinking about the show even when I wasn't watching it. It deepened. It developed. And even though the protagonist remains annoying through out the entire show, you somehow just get over it because...because you just do.

I was talking about the ending of this show for DAYS after we watched it. DAYS. Honestly, if you give this a try you're going to say, "really, Christyn?" But just push past that. And then when you finish the season and you're blinking at your TV in shock at all of the emotions swirling around inside of you, you'll know that you made the right decision.


The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. This was another one that I wasn't really into the idea of. The funny things is that a bunch of people recommended it to me at work, but I just shrugged it off and assumed that they must not really get my taste in shows if they're recommending this. To those people that I doubted, I'm so sorry. You were right and I was oh, so terribly wrong.

I hated the main character for the first three episodes (seems to be a trend with me, eh? I'm really critical of main characters. They can make or break a story, so you'll excuse my skepticism). Like, hated her. I didn't get her. I didn't feel anything for her.

There were just so many bad characters in this show at the beginning. So, why did I keep watching? They were real. The characters were flawed. Watching the characters was like going to a dysfunctional family holiday dinner and sitting on the sidelines, eavesdropping. It hooked me.

As the characters grew, fell, triumphed and lost, I suddenly got it. I got why the concept of the show was so good. I understood why so many people liked this show, and I liked it too. I liked it enough that I started bringing it up in conversations just so that I could talk about it.

Even if you don't like wrestling, if you like strong, vivid characters, you'll love this show. It's so well written. The costumes are amazing. The characters are so real. And the story is interesting.

Son of Zorn

I hated this show. I protested this show. I told Jesse that the idea of having an animated character in the real world and interacting with real people was idiotic. I told him that there was no way that I would ever like this show. The premise of the whole thing sounded so moronic: a cartoon warrior from another world comes into America because he has a human son and wants to spend more time with his family. He gets a job and tries to settle into suburban life with all of his weird quirks. And I hated it.

But I watched it because Jesse liked it and wanted me to give it a try. Well, he was right. It turns out to be endearing. You start to not really notice the whole clash of animated characters in the real world. You start to really get in to the whole story and you find yourself rooting for characters that you didn't think you would.

It's a weird show. It's a strange concept. But it works. And you end up liking it once you start watching it.

I will put a word of warning in with this one: it takes more than a couple of episodes to get into it if you're super opposed to it like I was. But once you get in deeper, you'll like it.


This show Jesse put on one date night without me seeing what it was about. I spent the first episode asking him what the hell I was watching. Was it a kids show? Was it for adults? Was it ironic? Was it a comedy? What the hell was it? I didn't dislike it. At all. I was just...confused.

That confusion blossomed into obsession. The main character is endearing and delightful and interesting. And the story? Well, that's the best part. It's a show about a cute, tiny red panda who is stuck in a dead-end job with a tyrant of a boss and this adorable red panda lets out her stress by death metal screaming in a private Karaoke room every night. ...I know. What? But yes, that is what the show is about. It's unique. It's intriguing. It's so much better than it sounds, and it's wonderful.

This show is packed full of such funny moments and heart warming moments. I fully and completely recommend this to anyone. Go out of your comfort zone and give it an honest try.

B: The Beginning

This is an anime, so if you're not into anime, I'm going to suggest you give it a try. Anime is actually an amazing genre, IF you're watching the right kind. There is a lot of bad anime out there, just like there is a lot of bad reality TV and a lot of bad competition shows. But this anime is not a bad one. It's amazing. The art is beautiful. The music is incredible. The story is intriguing and the characters are deep and complex.

When we first started watching this show, I wasn't sure right away. It starts and sounds like it's a CSI kind of show, but in Anime form. But within the first episode I realized that it was so much more. This show will leave you guessing and wondering. It will have you dreaming up theories when you're not watching it. The characters are lovable and make decisions that will make you angry. It's amazing.

If you're a fan of anime, I definitely recommend this. If you're not, I still recommend it, but understand if you can't get into the genre right away.

This list is comprised of random shows that you would probably pass by on Netflix. After all, they're all a little odd. But give them a try and you're bound to see how awesome they actually are. It's a great reminder that sometimes the best things come in strange packages.